How much better can it get…

than having a young person reach out because he/she wants to do something positive for another creature!

Encouraging a young generation to care about the Earth’s biodiversity, and instilling a conservation ethic, is perhaps the most valuable conservation tool we can use to ensure that the earth’s future has a place for nature’s wonders. With the blooming of social media across the globe, certainly the size of the reachable audience has expanded beyond all expectation. Maintaining interesting engagement in a society saturated with “feeds” is something else.

Here are some of the things that we are doing to spread awareness of the wonder that is the forest elephant—an ambassador for biodiversity. And you can multiply our effect by sharing and talking about our message!

  • Engaging China

    Through videos like this one, a WeChat channel, and interaction with students in China, we hope to help change attitudes about elephants-it could make a difference.

  • Stories that Inspire

    From our Medium blog site: stories crafted by Cornell undergrads about our work and issues worth contemplating.

  • Citizen Science

    (Coming Soon) Asking for YOUR help finding elephant rumbles within the sounds of Africa’s forests.

  • Newsletters

    Keeping our followers informed about what we are doing and interesting things that we learn.

  • Hollywood

    Beautiful films can influence millions of people. Here is one you should see.

  • Inspiring the next Katy Payne

    An opportunity to directly help the survival of elephants draws many students to join our team. All learn, some are inspired to commitment.

  • Fairs&Festivals

    A loud elephant rumble to startle a crowd. A video of cartoon-like elephants showing their colors. Great ways to attract all ages to learn about sound, elephants, conservation.

Explore Our Solutions

  • Threats

    A combination of threats, some unique to forest elephants, threaten their survival.

  • Anti-Poaching

    Anti-poaching patrols are the major intervention used in central Africa. But are they effective?

  • Building Capacity

    Building, training, and developing a support infrastructure for a new generation of conservationists

  • Research

    Basic research to directly enhance conservation – of elephants and biodiversity.


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